Katie Holmes, RMT


Katie Holmes

  • Katie joined Wrobel Massage therapy in November 2024 and has been a welcome addition. Katie graduated in 2020 from Trois College. Katie is very positive and independent. She has a great attitude of trying new things and we love her enthausiam for our profession.

    Katie's journey through the massage and wellness world with a neurodivergent lens, has transformed her practice into a sanctuary of acceptance and non-judgment—a place where every client is celebrated for their uniqueness.

    When not massaging, you'll find her in my rose garden, exploring the outdoors with her husband and 4 kids or watching Big Brother on TV!

    Areas of Focus:
    Chronic pain management - trigger point release, cupping therapy, Swedish massage
    Relaxation massage 

    Ready to experience a massage like no other? Book a session with Katie and embark on a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and empowerment.